Meet the “flaming foot soldiers” of tomorrow! They’ll be able to fly as fast as racehorses - you know, the flying racehorse of the modern atomic age – and they’ll be able to steer their way over battlefields without employing any sort of guidance mechanism. Why? Because their rockets will be controlled by technicians in Florida, using joysticks to put the helpless, screaming conscripts wherever the brass wants them. End result: Iwo Jima!

The next page requires some context. It takes place during the inevitable atomic war that’s been keeping you up at night, kids. It’s the third week, and the Enemy has been able to get its nukes through America’s defenses. We’ve been unable to strike back, because they shoot down our missiles. America’s only hope for a “war-ending reprisal” is the Polaris, the nuclear sub that’s packed with atomic goodness. Unfortunately, an enemy agent has rubbed a special chemical on the periscope lens, so every time the boat comes to the surface, it looks like there’s fog, and they can’t see their target.

Once they realize what’s happened, they change the lens – and that’s where our story has a happy ending. Read on.