Judy Jetson had nothing on Jetta – an Al Kapp gal in a Bob Montana world. All the supporting characters looked like Archie characters, but Jetta was drawn with an extra hubba-quality that made you overlook the stupidity of the rest of the book.

This is a perfect example. Look at the robot, fellas. First: any society with flying cars would be equally advanced in cybernetics, and not make robots that looked like something from the 1939 World’s Fair. Second: the robot is a wind-up robot. He has a big key on his back. Third: the robot emanates metal hearts with rivets to indicate erotic fixation. Metal hearts with rivets. Exuded circulatory organs are supposed to be used in cartoons as symbols, and of course that’s what they are here – but they also look as though they might fall to the ground and perhaps break someone’s foot. Geez. Look at that robot, fellas.Fellas? Hello?