The meaningless pursuit of wealth beyond imagining and use is summed up nicely in the track, which both spells out the symbol for money and demonstrates how the race never ends, how each lap merely leads to the next.

The carrot-top friend whose head is partly shaved to let the boils breathe is trying to impress Richie with some money puns, as he has observed this is Richie's preferred mode of communication. likes to speak. He thinks he has a pretty good one, but it requires an emphasis on the second syllable, which detracts from instant comprehension. Usually, "some" would get a slight emphasis, followed by a stress on the first syllable of "Auto." As it happens, his perpetually clogged nose, a result of an untreated sinus infection, meant that "auto" always sounded like "Au-do" when he said it.

You can tell Richie's not paying a lick of attention to what he's saying anyway.