It’s the Liberty Scouts, Strut, Skip, Smokey! Soon they’ll be joined by Biff and Scooter and they’ll do a swell job of punching Nazis and then they’ll go out for sodas and it’ll be swell. This is an interesting situation the history books don’t recount – from the looks of it, the Germans sailed a fleet of U-boats up the Potomac, docked and disgorged a tank. Their clever plans were foiled by two high-school boys and their “mentor,” Skip, who walked around Washington in an false uniform, enjoying the respect and admiration people extended.

Strut is seen flying in on the right; he later joined the Ice Capades.

This was probably a training exercise for US troops, and the Liberty Scouts screwed it up for everyone. Next month: the lads give away the coordinates of D-Day! Don’t miss the thrilling episode, “Held Without Counsel!”