I smash London! I smash France! I see lady’s underpants! ARRRRGMGHGOAARRRR!

Really, did they have to hike up her dress for a kid’s book?

Well, here’s why we won the war. As always seems the case here, we have to considering the backstory conversation:

"Mein Fuhrer! The scientists are close to a breakthrough on ze nuclear bomb, and need but another million marks. We should have it mounted to a V-2 and ready for delivery in six months, if –"

"Nein! Nein! Nein! We will win the war mitt giant green-furred monsters wearing swastika headbands!  I vill call them Nazi-rillas! No – Goer-rillas. Herrman will like that touch. Now go tell the scientistst to stop working on this bomb of atomics and BUILD ME GIANT GREEN GOERRILLAS! I WANT TO PRESENT THEM TO HIM FOR HIS BIRTHDAY!"

"Yes mein Fuhrer!"  (leaves, rolling his eyes.)

Amazing Man was one of the more . . . naked heroes of the day.