Really, Doc? That's what you always say? Complete with the punnish revision that renders the cliche useless unless you're actually in Egypt, with a mummy, and it's alive, and female, and interested in you? That's what you always say?

People used to say that a lot: As I always say. Yosemite Sam said it. He didn't always say it, but when he was quoting something he'd said before, he always said that he always said it. But at some point, wouldn't you have to have said the thing you're always saying without noting that you always say it? You can't say that the first time you say it. Takes a while. Eventually you're aware that you've said it a lot, and it takes on the character of your personal trademark, even though it's usually something banal.

That said - as I always say - Doc's something of a jerk, isn't he? Nevermind the inappropriate desert costume - spats and blue tube socks, Doc? Really? - there's the way he really set the ol' brain to work to come up with a nickname for his corpulent pal.

Poor Fatty. But he'll probably last longer once they run out of food, so there's that.