“Caught” magazine didn’t have a long run. Blame the concept: the title told you that the bad guy didn’t get away with it. In fact he was already caught. Before you bought the comic. You’re late. It’s about as exciting an idea as “Appeal,” in which the guys from “Caught” mount one last legal effort. THE GUILTY NEVER ESCAPE! It’s the publisher’s way of assuring the Comics Code and all the rest of those hand-wringing sob-sisters that this book will not lead to juvenile delinquency, heroin addiction, homosexuality,  or other forms of deviant criminality.

This isn’t a bad cover – it focuses the eye nicely on the guy’s face, thanks to the location at the corner of Perspective Street and Diminishing Avenue. If you’re into Terrified Toad-Faced Fat Men, this is your book. As it turns out, he’s not really the Man Who Couldn’t Stop; it just proves unwise if he stays in one place, since everyone is looking for him. And then they find him. And he’s CAUGHT.

I’d like to say he fell face first down the subway steps, since that’s what it looks like he’s about to do, but no.