He has quite a point! Also, he has a sword.

How do you pronounce his name? John Wuan? Won Won? John Jew-an? There doesn’t seem to be any good reason why they couldn’t have gone with good old Don Juan, unless they feared that the target audience would associate the name with opera,  or literature. Kiss of death, that. Juan was immortal, according to the comic; he’d been having it on for centuries, and his lovers had included Cleopatra, Salome, and Lucretia Borgia. You know, the famed beauty, Lucretia Borgia.

Pocahontas is attempting to assure his boot she will always be true; other conquests are arriving far and wide. Too bad they’re all 11 inches tall. 

Bet my money on a Bagdad nag! Someone bet on the bey. Note: Juan was also from Atlantis. Really.