Dad’s really pleased that his delinquent son is showing the ol’ family spunk. Yes, son, that’s a great idea: warn the all-powerful super-being from another planet by destroying a beloved national monument.

Also: great situational awareness there, Supe. I know, I know, people expect you to do everything - capture the Annihilator AND watch out for his son and his superfists, but obviously the kid warned you what he would do, right? According to the speech balloon he’s repeating a demand. Why didn’t you just use heat-ray eye-beams to give him a crippling but non-fatal skin injury so you could finish with his father? Are you worried the kid would sue? Let him try.

The Annihilator, by the way, was a scientist captured by Commie spies and thrown into the gulag, which he escaped after he discovered buried Kryptonian explosives. He blamed Superman for never rescuing him from the gulag. Really.

The son was a JD he adopted out of the goodness of his heart. How did it end? Really, really oddly.