Did anyone ever wonder whether Perry White had exploits, and if so, whether they were amazing?

Well, it’s another typical Superman cover; can’t have him defeating anyone or being triumphant, because that would be boastful, and doesn’t sell comics. Kids know he’ll win in the end, so the cover has to set up a situation where the reader would wonder how he’d deal with it.

In this case, the reader thinks “I’d pick that smirky little redheaded bastard and throw him into orbit.”

Obviously something had to happen to upend the usual order of things, but it can’t be that bad. Clark is participating in the situation. The adults appear to be enthusiastic, if delusional; hard to imagine how a newspaper reporter could exceed Superman’s fame to a degree that the people turn on the former object of their admiration.

It almost makes me want to read the book just to see what happened . . . okay. Well, Karb-Brak, from another planet, is allergic to his own people. The only place where he can live is Earth, but he’s allergic to Superman as well. He attacks Superman while he’s in Clark Kent mode, and Clark - in his suit - kicks his butt. Everyone is cheering Clark, and realizes right away he must be Superman; they’re chanting “Super-Clark!” Superman forces Karb-Brak to use his “Psi Machine” to erase the memory of Clark acting as Superman from everyone in Metropolis. There was no parade. There was no turning on Superman.

A pack of nonsense, as usual.