Why is the recumbant man looking so foul? Because his woo-pitching's been interrupted by our hero?

I don't know where to start with this one. I mean , I don't know what Scoop is trying to say. It's clear that he met a girl who said she doesn't kiss but if she did, the man would have be older because he wouldn't try to French her, to be blunt. Then:

" - said she heard that is a girl was kind along those lines to a lad of around say eighteen - that the news of it scampered all over the resort and in no time they were all swarming on it like a bunch of flies - swarmin was an awful comical word to use wasn't it Boss - she's one comical kid"

The girl is describing herself at another resort, perhaps.

Remember: he's writing the Boss. For whom he no longer works.

He doesn't have anyone else.