Mom and Dad, who have been wandering around all night obsessed with their child’s bowel health, find a window display that solves all their laxative problems! The fact that Billy is apparently home, unattended, troubles them not. But once they get home they find he's fine, aside from three weeks of compacted fecal matter coiled in his bowels.

Happy, the Ex-Lax Laxie, sends Tuffy and Meeky packing.



The genial Authority Figure anoints Billy as the winner of the quiz! Of course, the final question was “what bodily function, when suspended for a fortnight then resumed, feels and sounds like the shuddering thunder of a freight train?” The other kids promptly demand an order of Rah, unaware that a small capering laxative-oriented sprite is clicking his heels in the traditional Irish fashion.

Happy’s son, Lucky, would later go to work for a major breakfast cereal concern.