Heard all the white kids got together at Ofay Corral to laugh at a brother? Strike back, jack! And we mean literally. Hit as hard as you like – nothing will harm the statues inside, so they’re not going to get you on some jive-ass charge of assaulting a trademarked character.

I'm not saying it takes a long time to hack out a Flintstones character from the slab of adamantine substance, but it took long enough for sis to change her sweater and wander back to see if you were still working on that thing.

I'll give this toy high marks for one thing: rare is the plaything these days that promises to make kids feel like a real sculptor.

Days later - sis has changed sweater vests again - you come to understand the elation Michelangelo must have felt when his figures began to emerge from the stone like spirits trapped in the daunting rock:





This may be the first recorded use of the term “Refill sculptures.”

To recap: civilization did not arise in Africa, and early humans lived alongside dinosaurs. Who knew the Flintstones was Creationist Propaganda?