Every kid in the world would want this and would be thrilled to get it and would run around to show all the gang - but gosh, it would be great if it was a real watch, and Butch was right, it kinda does look like Mickey Mouse BUT IT'S NOT BABY STUFF YOU SHUT UP. He's just jealous. Probably because his dad's gone. He says it's the Navy but everyone knows it's prison.

I love how the sundial is "The truly scientific sun dial way" to tell time, and the Weather forecaster is "Secretly concealed." That's the first thing enemy agents do when they catch you: seize him! Find the weather forecaster! Maybe the burning glass could be used to defend yourself against enemy agents, too. Or Butch. He gives everyone Indian Burns and dares you to tell and no one does. You use the pen and morse code to write out "I Hate Him" but then you crumple up the paper and throw it away. Butch doesn't know Morse, but if he stole your watch he could break the code.