Shelley Hack? Shelley Hack. If you’re unfamiliar with the IT girls of the Seventies, she was in "Annie Hall." For 17 seconds. Woody Allen stopped her and her boyfriend in the middle of the street to ask the secret of a successful relationship, and they chalked it up to intellectual vacuity and superficial pleasures. She was also the model for “Charlie” perfume, and had a brief tenure as one of Charlie’s Angels. IMDB says she retired from acting, but it was probably the other way around. She’s in her mid-fifties now, and no doubt regrets having her bosom sanded off to fit the profile of the era.

Just to remind you: this is what everyone looked like. Imagine going to the mall and all the women are wearing something like this. And no one had the jokey hipster "vintage" sense. They were SERIOUS.