Hey! Let's see how they last., or whether anyone cares.

How much did I love this show? This much: I taped the audio on the 8-track player. I figuredout a way to hook up the audio jacks to the 8-track deck, plugged in a BASF cart, and recorded the beginning of episode 20. I don't know if it's a rare example of electronic music used in 70s TV, but it's one of the few.

Cam is working late, recording peppery messages to agents in the field. He's abducted by an old adversary. I loved this ep for the reasons I love stories that deal with secondary characters: backstory.

Cam was my hero, anyway. Sorry: Cameron. V.C.R. Cameron. Just another night dictating voice mails.



From Episode 4, the technical equivalent of "I don't know nothin' about birthin' no babies. No wait maybe I do"




And then there's Doug McClure.



Not from the show, but somehow important if you wish to understand the times.