The theme from the pilot, "Probe," composed by Dominc Frontiere. It's longer than the "Search" theme, thanks to a wwirly mysterious dreamy intro. It's as much wannabe Bond Music as the show is wannabe Bond, but that's okay. The main melody kicks in at :47. Swank brass - listen to how the trumpets put a grace note here and there - and smooth strings and sexy flutes. Danger and mystery and computers!



This fellow did a marvellous job of recreating the titles, without the faces. Nice work. This is the theme for the series - shorter and snappier.



Note the production credit: Robert Justman. The hallowed Star Trek Connection!

What does it mean to be a fan? You recreate the interstitials.



A note about the composer from his wikipedia page:

"In 1986, Frontiere was incarcerated for nine months in a federal penitentiary for scalping tickets to the 1980 Super Bowl, which he obtained through his then-wife, Los Angeles Rams owner Georgia Frontiere.[2] He was estimated to have scalped as many as 16,000 tickets, making a half million dollars in profit that he failed to report to the Internal Revenue Service. Frontiere pleaded guilty and was sentenced to a year and one day in prison, three years probation, and fined $15,000 for failing to report income from the sale of the tickets and for lying to the IRS."