Another page! Because we can't get enough of this stuff. Actually, yes, we can. We did. But here it is again.

It was an unusual time for radio ads - some still had the sounds and styles of 60s styles, but some took advantage of the new trends in advertising, adding sarcasm and irony and parody.




Another Lloyd Bridges Contac ad; unlike the C & W version on this previous page, this is for the Young Generation.


A homemaker talks about the chemicals she takes to remove the thudding pain brought on by her drab, unvarying life.


There's a new spirit in the land. A gentle spirit of coming together. An optimistic world where beauty and love - HOLD ON, CLEAN UP AISLE FOUR


Oh, man, this voice.


Miss Clairol, from the era of ads that couldn't afford anything but talking


Cheap old bastard uncle; probably caned the little snipe after this. Four-Way.


Mom has to stay beautiful or Dad will leave her. Work out, fading lady! Spray your head with Final Net! Sweat! Worry!


Yay, Froggies! A Minneapolis restaurant in the 70s and 80s. Gone now.


RONCO loves music. Do you? How can you not?