Letter on your own slogans! Because if Punk is about anything, it's slogans that say "Up Yours" to the stifling hand of authority, telling you what to do, modeling your choices and role models.

REBEL! Do what we tell you instead.

No reall!y! Do this. If there's antythig that says non-conformity, it's conformity to non-conformity.

The button suggestions use "punk" as a verb, which didn't happen. "Let's Go Punkin" said no one, unless they were using a term of endearment.

The Skulls showed it's possible to turn punk into one of those revival acts where everyone wears clothes from the period of their youth and makes everyone feel good because they still got it man! He's wearing a jacket with stickers that say aggressive things.


StenGun, aka Mick Wallace, was the drummer.