When they said the “New” Price is Right, they weren’t kidding: they couldn’t even fill the hall, it was so new.






Gold and light-blue with lines. For a limited time only, that was acceptable. Expect this to come back around 2014.

There have been complaints there’s insufficient appliance-stroking by Anitra. This should help:



Judging the item, Ma Kettle in a scientific jumpsuit from the future:



This was the new Price is Right; they hadn’t blocked the shots yet. You’d never see this mistake in year two:



An audience shot shows you the yin and the yang of 1972:



Od othe Shapeshifter, and Cat Stevens.

Grace won the bid, and we get the full effect of her garment.



I’ve seen that pattern before, in Fantasia; it was the illustration of what the soundtrack looks like during a cymbal crash. Her prize: KAVA!



It contains coffee clusters. Grace’s reaction is pure coo-coo Pigeon Sisters:



If she got the price right, she won HOLY MOTHER OF MERCY



Sorry; got distracted there.

Let’s meet Kelly; Kelly was an earlier version of Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and killed everyone onstage with the invisible death-gas that roiled from her maw:




Before she slew everyone, they rolled out a prize, and all enthusiasm seemed to vanish: they expect me to want that? Seriously?



Why does this shot matter?



It’s the audience: the three phases of white American men.



Finally: the glasses, the dress, they all combine nicely. But still something’s off.



Maybe it’s the fact that she did her hair with an egg-beater.