Again with the split double-reverse Bavarian Eagle, or whatever that was called.

Okay, Mr. Fruck, if you could -

It's Frick! For Gott's sake get it right.

Sorry, Mr. Frick, if you could hold that for a minute while I change flash bulbs here . . .

Hurry, man! I'm not a teenager anymore. I wake in the morning, and ach, such a zing I get in my loins.

I'm sure. Okay, wave -

Wave you want? It's not enough I am parallel to the ground, using a series of muscles no one else employs to hold myself in this preposterous position? The effect is not complete unless I WAVE?

Okay, no, that's fine, you don't have to -

Of course I wave. It is the show business. For the people. Now take the damned shot already.