Peanuts will be popular as long as people who grew up reading the strip continue to read newspapers; any attempt to remove the strip will summon hordes of late-term boomers standing outside of newspaper offices with torches. But it's less popular now than it was in the sixties and seventies, when it was an immense cultural force. You can't imagine the ubiquity of Peanuts back then. Or the way everyone just accepted the name of the strip without questioning the absence of legumes. It just was. Someone had a birthday, you bought a Snoopy card. Can't go wrong. Snoopy was a pop-cult icon; kids loved him, adults nodded indulgently, as though his appearance guaranteed amusement.

Don't know if they used some sort of trampoline or sling-shot-type device to vault her over Snoopy; you can imagine the audience holding its breath, hoping she didn't split open his skull with a skate as she prepared for landing.