On top, a red-clad lass demonstrates the easiest way to say “I am not a French Woman.”  To her right, another one of those “Easy Rider” models who never quite seem as glamorous as the illustrations (Wig!) – why, compare her to Lady E, who actually looks rather classic. Bernadette Peters by Vargas, if you like. To her right, compelling proof mom should not shop on your Mexican vacation if she’s had few margaritas. What is she doing, incidentally? Does any human assume that posture, unless you’re at the chiropractor’s, and showing the doctor how your left leg cramps up when you pinch your right ear?

 In the middle, right by the inset photo of Michelle Pfeiffer after six shots of gin (Wig!) we have “JUMPIN’ JAZZ,” an item that actually shows up on radar weather maps. “Print as shown or similar.” Threat or reassurance?