It’s Random Walking Day. This view faces Front Street; Broadway heads down the hill into Island Park.

NDSU's Fargo history page has the story: it was put up in 1908 as a horse trough.

The Indian warrior continued to gaze northward up Broadway until a truck banged into the statue (I believe in the 1940s). The damaged statue was trucked away to the city garage where it sat gathering dust. In 1948, a Fargo businessman told the City Council that he was prepared to buy the statue and put it in the estate of a friend. The Pioneer Daughters of North Dakota protested that the statue should have a home in Fargo.

As a result, the statue was rebronzed and in December 1949 it was placed in NP Park.

But that's just part of the story. The rest is here, including a picture of the Indian Statue's twin brother.