Looking down the street now, not up.

The Edwards Building. Named, so the story goes, after Major Alanson Edwards. After the Civil War he went to Fargo and started a newspaper; his partner bought him. He started another paper, the Argus; fire took the building. Well, a man can take a point. He ran for Mayor and won; afterwards he was a member of the state legislature. In between he was co-founder of another paper - The Forum, which exists to this day.

NDSU says:

In 1900 when he was working on a building that would fill the lot on the southwest corner of Broadway and N.P. Avenue, (Alex Stern) was approached by Major Alanson Edwards, who asked “You’ve got one Stern building, what are you going to name this one?” Alex Stern is said to have replied, “I’m going to name it the Edwards building,” and he did.