I have the nagging feeling that someone’s done this already. I’m afraid to check.

Well, just in case that site, whatever it is, should vanish from the face of the earth, there will be this. It’s every title card, more or less, from the time where title cards got interesting to the time when I ran out of cartoons. Most of these come from the “Disney Treasures” series, a compendium of shorts they had the wisdom to group by subject. But it makes it difficult to assemble them in chronological order, unless you’re the sort of utterly anal-retentive type who consulted various databases and renamed every file.

The art gets very good, very fast, and there are some marvelous examples of 30s style here. Considering that just ten years before they’d been using black-and-white title cards with the same old picture of Mickey, it’s a rapid flowering of the art form. The typography is usually as good as the picture, and remember: they didn’t have fonts they could select from a pull-down menu. Most of these don’t exist as complete alphabets.

Anyway, enjoy; the 30s are up now, and the rest will be up in the next few weeks.