Still haven't met the mouse on the right with the ceegar. Or the turtle. Well, perhaps they'll appear amidst the merriment in this installment: the Mechanical Cow! We meet Osland sleeping next to the aforementioned beast, and a slumbering alarm clock.



The alarm clock wakes and shakes itself to pieces, which seems a rather odd evolutionary response. Hard to keep the species going. After some difficulty, Oswald awakens the cow, which is mechanical for no reason we can discern.



He may be mechanical, but he has morning breath:



This may be the first and only reference to halitosis in a Disney cartoon. Oswald responds by spraying the robot with perfume. A natural reaction. Good thing it's handy.



They slide down to the ground floor, where skates are waiting, and they're off . . .



. . . to deliver milk.

From a mechanical cow.



Nice little gag about using a dipstick to see how much a client requires:



Getting the milk to the user seems rather complicated.



At this point the mechanical cow idea is completely abandoned; Oswald finds a female rabbit, and starts pitching woo. Seconds later:




The taxi is evil; you can tell. The door opens and out comes . . . a hat. The hat floats over to Oswald, who's spooning with Oswaldina:



Out of the hat comes a fuzzy creature of indistinct species.



A battle follows for the hand of the maiden, and the cow interfenes. But not in any way that seems germaine to his mechanical nature.

I'm not sure what the point is. Of any of it.