We are introduced to the musicians as they flee from a town, where the menfolk are throwing bricks at them withthe intent to injure. We infer they are unpopular. Since they’re not successful, foodstuffs are difficult to purchase, even though they are all animals you would expect to be adept at trapping prey. This is leads to a thought-balloon in which a cat-devil jabs the leader-cat with a pitchfork to indicate the effect of nutritional deprivation:



They decide to play some music that will lure fish to the surface. Initially, it works.



As with the previous cartoons, the notes become anthropomorphized, and dance atop the staves:



Thus lulled, the fish is lost in transports of terpsichorean ecstasy, unaware the cat intends to strike him on the head, killing him, so his flesh can be eaten by the musicians.

The cat is unsuccessful, and pursues the fish underwater, where he is met by a swordfish. The swordfish, despite his inability to breath air, jumps on land and gives chase. It is unclear whether the swordfish wishes to kill them for food; he certainly cannot be operating under any sense of piscine solidarity, since moments before he had been shown casually killing a small fish to test the sharpness of his forward-mounted blade.



After a chase and a fistfight, the musicians are treed, but the swordfish sits down, smokes a big fat doobie, and inspiration strikes:



This is interesting. A photorealistic background. Which is to say, a photo:



The musicians land in a house with disgorges a stream of midget cannoneers, who proceed for no discernible reason to destroy their house with cannon balls because the musicians fell through the chimney. One of the balls takes away the cat, who rides it for miles, knocking things down; eventually he reverses course and heads back to torment the midget cannoneers, even though it would be impossible for him to maintain speed and trajectory over such a distance.

Eventually he falls to his death. Nine ghostly cats, symbolizing the supposed extra lives accorded to the feline species, rise up.



His death is amusing to his fellow musicians:



Seems like the studio, as always, wanted an upbeat ending.