I think this is the first time Walt's name is above the product.



Alice and the Not Our Gang Youth Acting Ensemble are putting on a Wild West show, complete withe obligatory inverted letters to indicate authentic childhood ownership.



The kids pay exchange various items for tickets - dentures, bottle caps - then sit down to inhale some loose carcinogenics. But it's misspelled, so it's probably safe.



Then men folk are drink the BOOS in accordance with the sign, which says EVERYBODY GIT DRUNK. They seem to be having a fine time.



Little Calamity Alice walks in, points at the characters who are drinking their sasparilly and botherin’ no one no how, ma’am, and she shoots them both dead. The crowd appears impressed.



You're thinking: hello, animation? Any about these parts? Patience. While the cast prepares for the act, Comic Stereotype Fattyfat Fatfat enters. Collapses the stands, of course. Ha! His name is Tubby O’Brien. and he apparently the enemy of Alice’s confederation.



Everyone quits the show because he is so mean. How mean? This mean:



ut Alice saves the show by describing an adventure she had out in the “wild and wooly west.” whereupon the picture immediately turns into a cartoon.



She flights off some Injuns, killing one and giving another a severe concussion at the least and lacerated organs at the worst, and escapes - but not before the carriage goes into a cave. It’s always a cave with these cartoons.



Annnnd you know what happens next. Words and smoke rings pour out, indicating physical violence.




Will they know in a thousand years this means physical conflict? Hope so.

As with the Cinderella cartoon, instantaneous medical attention is available after the conflict, and possibly during:



You don't like that story? Alice says. I got another!



The next scene takes place at a bar, where Sheriff Alice is smoking a cigar and criticizing the music with a a bi-hued upright canine creature.




While the entire bar protests the music, a criminal is attempting to open a safe; when Alice sees him attempting the robbery, she initiates a gun battle. A stray round douses the light, but the battle continues. When illumination is restored it is apparent she has killed everyone in the room.



My bad! Good thing I'm cute. Oh, look, the anthropomorphic animal survived by immersing himself in spittle.



Also, the criminal escaped with the vault. A pursuit ensues, and Alice ensures that the criminal falls a great distance off a cliff, presumably to his death. She returns to the bar where the slaughter took place, but she has the money, and is given triumphal music.

When these tales do not pacify the crowd, she is pelted with rotten fruit. She runs after Tubby, pins him down, scratches his face and bloodies his mouth.




Our little sweetheart!


Said one reviewer on imdb: "A lot of laughs and some nice suspense as well."

Suspense? A zygote knows how this thing will turn out.


Here it is.