Yes, it’s the Internet’s most beloved podcast about a diner produced by a fellow whose name ends with an “s” preceded by a “k.”   As you can tell, I’ve been at this a while – 2007 was the Diner’s tenth anniversary, much to my surprise. It began as a radio show in 1997, was retired in the early Oughts, then returned in handy podcast form a few years ago. This year I’ll be posting old shows from the live-radio days, complete with callers and commercials, as well as new updates.

What is it? Thirty minutes of old peculiar music and the occasional vague plot, posted on occasional vague Fridays. It’s not scripted, which should be immediately apparent. (The genesis of the show can be found here, which was the site’s homepage in 1997.)

Thanks for listening, and I’ll see you on Highway 23.

Old Highway 23, that is.

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