This long-promised site cannot help but disappoint. The original material itself is disappointing. Even if I had the work in its original glorious color, it would be disappointing. It's the worst of the comics, the nadir of the form: comic ads that lived at the bottom of the Sunday section. The art was often good; now and then, true wit. But mostly it's Johnny the Cigarette Imp saving a circus clown, or Pistol McShooty telling you how he was able to head 'em off at the pass because he had Puffed Wheat for breakfast.

We begin with the most interesting example of the genre, a strip that yearns so hard to be a real comic, it almost hurts. After that, the usual dreck.

Fireball Twigg!

Camel Biographies

The "Adventures" of Sam Spade

Aunt Jemima

The Tender Family


Cheeko the Boy Ventriloquist




Peter Pain

Johnny, the Nicotine Imp

Shot from Guns!

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