Sounds like an exercise machine, or perhaps some infomercial product that helps clean out closet clutter:

It’s like the attack of the ill-proportioned International Style office block. It did not speak in-that-met-tal-voice, which helped the suspense. It didn’t say anything; just stamped around and sucked up electricit, making an odd squeak, stamping its legs as it moved. If you're ten, it's pretty awesome. If you're not it has other pleasures - it's superwide screen, keeps the stock footage to a minimum, has an usual monster, includes the standard inefficacious nuclear attack, and

This being the 50s, upright scientists are aware of Kronos before it even

Love the sets: here’s the big lab.



Yes, it’s a rare screen appearance by Paul Frees, who died years ago, and is currently narrating the Haunted Mansion ride at this very minute. He plays a scientist who discovers a nasty fungus on a space probe, and whose research is constantly interrupted by THIS WOMAN who insists on taking her son back to her husband. Seems they had an affair. He’s a cad, an utter rotter, so we’re not entirely sad when he’s consumed by the fungus. But she may have contracted the Blood Rust, as it’s quaintly known, and since she left by cab the Authorities are desperate to find her.



It’s one of those movies that people see when they’re ten, find COOL and FRIGHTENING, and wait 30 years ago to see, only to think: eh. (I’ve not suffered this fate: the three scary cool movies I remember from childhood, “Them,” “First Men in the Moon,” and “The Monolith Monsters,” are pretty good, considering. Yes, “Monolith” is good, mostly for being so damned different. But it’s also one of those films where the budget’s so low you look at the cab driver up above and think they hired an out-of-work Stooge.

Hey, wait a minute.



Back to the credits: Yep.



Do they find her and stamp out the Blood Rust before the earth is consumed? Nope! Pretty downbeat ending, but there's a great closing shot of an immense shimmering bloody mass of digested organisms stretching coast to coast. Just kidding. Of course they do. I think they kill it with a fire extinguisher; I wasn't exactly hanging on every last se