Welcome to Interchangeable Fifties Sci-Fi Theater:


Many films of the era took a serious approach to sci-fi, and tried to present the technical challenges realistically. This was our future, after all, and movies would do their part to prepare people for it!

Somehow, I don’t think that’s the case here:



Basic story: a guy has invented a rocket, controlled by something left over from another movie:



The authorities want to shut him down, but - as luck would have it! - two escaped cons manage to slip aboard the ship. “Hey, a fully-fueled, lightly-guarded rocket - let’s hide in here. No one will check.” The scientist discovers them, but decides what the hell, let’s call ‘em a crew and blast off. Two other legitimate-type people are also caught inside when the rocket departs. They’re certainly dressed for a moon shot:



The rocket, which looks nothing like the one we saw through the window, lifts off, and immediately encounters Stock Plot Device #26:



METEORS! But they just bounce off. We soon learn that our cons consist of one Good Guy, because he’s blond . . .



. . . and one Bad Guy, who’s oily and dark and ethnic, and forces himself on the only dame in space.



But she slaps him, and then they’re on the moon . . .



Which bears a remarkable resemblance to the place from which they launched.



Right away there’s trouble: rock creatures!



They’re the best thing about the movie, but you have to wonder what sort of creature would evolve on the moon, since there’s nothing to eat. Doesn’t matter. That’s not what this is about. At all. The cast of characters finds a cave with an oxygen atmosphere, gets knocked out by gas, and wakes in another movie that’s worse than the one they were in:



A movie with. . . moon women!



Lots and lots of moon women!



Pixie moon women! (Star Trek connection: that’s Leslie Parrish, who appeared in “Who Mourns for Adonis?”) (Bonus fact: she married the author of “Jonathan Livingston Seagull.”)



Snake-headed moon-women who can bewitch Earthmen into donning robes left over from that movie they made about the opium peril in San Francisco!



Oh God it's so bad. A remake of "Cat Women of the Moon," more or less. Even the dreaded Moon Spider can't save it:




Do they escape? Does the lady end up in the lap of the other astronaut who's not a crook?