Presenting the Clara Bow Story:


If that title gives you an inkling of a hint of the overall cheapness that dogs every frame of this movie, this should confirm all suspicions:



I know there are people who praise and admire Corman - he gave lots of talented people their first break! He's an auteur in his own way, in that cheesy C-movie style we have been taught to respect because Quentin Tarantino says it's great! He . . . he gave lots of talented people their first break! Yes, yes. Also, he's a hack. Let's go to Space Command Central Control:



You can tell they're sending up space probes, because they have pictures of actual space tacked up on the wall, so they know where to point the rockets.The galoot on the left is Peter Graves, who walks through the flick with his usual granite scowl of heroically concealed indigestion.

The Villain:



You've seen him in a million moves. Lee Van Cleef. Made 170 movies, starting with "High Noon." In this film, he's a deluded scientist who's been communicating with a Venusian, helping It come to Earth and start a reign of peace, or terror, or general peace with occasional terror. I think this review from imdb says it all:

Why don't you nay-sayers give a second to remember WHEN it was made? It's one of the best examples of 50's drive-in treasure in collective memory. This silly yet earnest little movie has wormed it's way into the consciousness of anyone who's ever seen it. Paul Blaisdell's Venusian Carrot remains one of the most memorable aliens to ever grace the screen! Add to this total piece of weirdness one of Beverly Garland's best performances, most memorable in her first sighting of the Carrot: "So that's what you look like.....You're ugly!!!". Where was her Oscar for delivering this line with total conviction (and a straight face?) Yes, there was life before bloated CGI computer effects, and this superior potboiler proves yet again that once upon a time, imagination and ingenuity could work wonders. One of the all time-great sci-fi movies!

Uh huh. Sure. I'll agree that the alien is memorable. Here's our first sight of Paul Blaisdell's Venusian Carrot, which would also be a fine name for a vegetable-drink franchise in LA in the late 60s:



Some sort of space-potato that's sprouted in transit, apparently. As you can imagine, the creature spurs PANIC, causing people to run for their lives and with their instruments:



That's the extent of the crowd scene. Let's see some more alien:




It's capable of knocking a man down by the most feared power in the universe: the script says he can.



When we see it in the daylight, well, you realize that even in Hell, the fast-food chains have mascots.


Or it's Satan's btis, Whatever it is, it didn't conquer the world; it just wasted everyone's time.

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The trailer. It's the end of everything!