There's no war, and the beast is actually a man. To be exact, it's Glen Manning, the amazing colossal dude from another movie. When he walks into the picture, it's a moment that must have loosened a few bladders:



The blown-off face, the empty eye socket, the exposed teeth - these things gave me Costco-scale heebies when I was kid.



The original movie is rather good, as massive mutated-dude flicks go; can't find it anywhere, so it may be awaiting a Criterion edition. The highlights of the inevitable Crazed Rampage are recycled in this movie, which adds to the overall cheapness. But it's always fun to see Mr. Colossal do Vegas:



What's this? Danny Thomas is playing? I thought he was in Palm Springs this week.


What are you looking at, punk?



You're not a metal sign! I'll prove it! I'll show them all!



In the end he commits suicide by grabbing some powerlines, and this gives the director a chance to use the color film that fell off a truck the other day. Yes, it ends with color:



Experience the terror of Green-O-Vision!



And then he's dead. There's now a reboot in production starring Eddie Murphy and Steve Martin, with Jeff Garlin as Colossal. Just kidding.