C'mon, honey, we're alone on deserted road in the opening sequence of a science-fiction movie from the 50s. What could go wrong?

The teenaged guy is played by Paul Grant, who - according to imdb - did not make a movie or TV show from 1967 to 1983 - then scored a role in "Return of the Jedi."

As an Ewok.

One of the bigger Ewoks, it would seem. Anyway, of course they see something horrible, and she screams, and we're off. It's the sequel to Winston Churchill's End of the Beginning:



You know, I should consult my MST3K collection, because I'm pretty sure they did this one. They had to have done this one. You can hear them all exult in unison: hey, it's Mr. Ziffel!



Not saying he was a homely cuss, but he was a homely cuss. However: this, believe it or not, is his great-niece. Anyway, he'd showed up to discuss a town that destroyed by something. This led to the inevitable guy at a desk pretending he's delivering TV news. I clipped this thinking he was a famous TV man of the era.



Was not. So: what's the peril in this one?



Ah. Another big-bug flick. You can't do better than "Them!" and this one isn't even close - just goes though the basics. The scary reveal. The ineffective troops who die screaming:



The horrorful horror of immense insects suffused with unnatural desire:



Hey lady! You got some serious split ends! You want some conditioner? I can make it from my leg glands!

Unfortunately, every time the giant "locusts" show up they look comical, almost friendly. Hello there! Come on down, I'm makin' Pizza Rolls!



Eventually they invade Chicago . . .



. . .and swarm all over the postcard rack.



Who can save us? Our hero: Peter Graves! He walks through the entire movie with a straight face, and does a fine job of keeping a straight face throughout it all.


As a piece of summer sci-fi horror, it's not A-league - but for this genre, B is as high as you ask. Bugs on the march, Earth in peril, the military ready to nuke Chicago - who'd want anything more?