"Tales of Tomorrow” was an early TV sci-fi show. Hit-and-miss quality. I’m interested in the ads, and the vagaries of live TV.


#1 Just Keep Going, Boys This first example just cracks me up every time I watch it - the music, the director’s hand in the left of the frame, the strange pained-face of the announcer, the way he stares down the camera, and the ads. I guarantee you: the Kriesler Kids will haunt your dreams. If the Carpet Carousel doesn’t. By the way, this was the infamous Frankenstein episode with Lon Chaney Jr., and since he was rumored to be drunk off his arse in this one, the sound you hear is probably Lon crashing into some scenery.



#2 The Perils of the Open Mike:



#3 I really shouldn’t care about these things, because they don’t do anyone any good; they don’t add to our store of knowledge or make you wiser. But after watching a few of these shows I became inordinately fascinated by the Kreisler Kids.

You know them by now, of course - the happy perky duo that sings the deathless Kreisler Ditty from inside a giant watch while a disembodied chorus do-do-dos in the background. Can’t get the song out of my head, nor the cheerful faces of the uber-50s couple. Who werethey? What happened to them? She probably had a happy life; seems too sunny and Doris-Day to have anything bad befall her. He may have ended up in a trailer court in Florida as an old man; perhaps he went on to a successful career in sales, because he certainly has the pitchman’s gleam. He looks like Ditko's version of the Sandman's college-educated brother. Maybe they’re both still alive.

You may wonder: did they do that song every week? Seems so, at least as far as I can tell. You may ask: that was taped, right? I mean, they can’t have done it live every week.

Oh yes they could have. In fact they did. At least they had a few versions. I know this for two reasons: the closing wink is different, and once - well, they change a line in the lyrics, and it may have screwed them up. As you’ll see. The sound and image are in perfect sync for this entire episode, except for . . . this. Here the shameful secret of the Kreisler Kids is unmasked. They’re lip-syncing!

This is the proof. If you can't tell or DON'T BELIEVE ME - after all these years, you don't believe me - the fuller-sized version is here.