With scissors, even?


Ladies and gentlemen, I give you a moment that will make the Trek contingent sit up and bark:



Yes, of course, Keenan Wynn. But the punk sprawled over the AS pump is none other than three-time Trek fave William Campbell. He played the Squire of Gothos, was a Klingon in the original series and reprised the character decades later, to great effect, in DS9. Now dig this: while he was making this movie in 1955, he was married to Judith Exner, who would later be known as the possible mistress of JFK.


Anyway: it starts out like a typical juvie-delinquent movie, with the kids down at the malt-shop going MAD for Bill Haley tunes. One of the "kids" is nudie-cutie fave Mamie Van Doren, known for being a bleached blonde with big, er, attributes. Her teeth! Yes, I mean her teeth.




That's about all she does. That, and strut around with missile-tip groodies and wink at the men. But oh, how that crazy rock makes the extras go crazy, Man, CRAZY:



After we're done with the rock and roll, it quickly turns into a crime melodrama about stolen cars, and plays out as you might expect. Notable guy;



John Saxon made 194 movies. This was #4. Eighteen years later he shot a pilot with Gene Roddenberry.