One of those comedy teams whose modern references are invariably preceded by “now-forgotten.”




. . . and the second line of the piece usually says Olsen and Johnson were best known for “Hellzapoppin’” - broad loud “zany” prop comedy. “Crazy House” was the follow-up, and since wikipedia notes that Mel Brooks was a fan of the duo, it seems fair to say he lifted the plot of “Silent Movie” on this one. Partly, anyway. Olsen and Johnson, locked out of the studio system, are trying to make a movie on their own, enlisting stars and singers. The result is mixed: the “madcap” parts are constantly running into musical numbers, and the thing never really gets any momentum.

But they were big, and this was pushed out with the expectation that everyone knew what a couple of wild, crazy madmen these guys were. Why, no one wanted to work with them after “Hellzapoppin.” It was simply too dangerous. When they arrive at the studio to make their follow-up film, every actor on the lot panics . . . but one.



Love that. There’s an interesting comic song-and-dance by this woman:



Yes, her! Sorry; bad copy. It’s Cass Daley. she had a brief vogue as a funny gal who sang and talked and walked in a comical manner. Her biography states that she died when she fell int the bathtub, broke some glass, and slashed her neck on a shard.

I’ll give them this: saccharine and family-friendly they weren’t. Here’s the end of the movie.



That's corn at the end. Because that's what they sell.


The first ten minutes can be seen here. You get the idea.