The end of our Fairbanks salute, which was begun for no particular reason and concludes with the same aimless lack of purpose.



One hundred years ago. Got it? One hundred years ago. Here's the set-up. Consider the first sentence.



Publicity at any price has become the predominant passion of the American people. 1916. Health-food fads. We've changed so much.

"Three-sheeting" was the number of 27" X 41" sheets used in an ad campaign. They also staged walking demonstrations touting the virtues of vegetable-extract food, and I wonder where this is - so much signage.


The movie regards vegetarianism as a strange, amusing madness followed by the rich and easily led.


Because real meat-fed men can pitch woo with vigor, and prune-pusses are limp kissers. Moisty little men who fall over at the sight of an ankle, instead of jumping up like loin-girded go-getters.

It didn't hold my attention, but that was probably my fault. It did have some inadvertant documentary: that might be Coney Island up there, and here's Grand Central:




Our hero washes up on the shores of the Boardwalk Empire:

But this is what you came for, right? A little bit of comic derring do, with footage of bygone New York.

Harold Lloyd may have learned a thing or two from Fairbanks' films.