The 90s are shaping up to be a damned hard row to hoe. Man.


Again, stylish titles . . .


. . . and a print that appears to have spent the last 40 years in a vat of goat urine.



That would be New York, wouldn't it? Or East Prussia?



It's a comedy, of sorts. A gang needs to beef up its street presence, so they recruit the long-lost son of a famous mobster to front a fake company, so they can tell everyone the son of the feared gangster Morgan has taken over, see? Comic misadventures abound, I think; it's such a bad print I don't know if everyone's walking around in pancake makeup muttering dummy copy from a prop newspaper.


She's cute, though. And they get married at the end and the cops think it's all a hilarious misunderstanding!

It's the picture that was running when people who wanted to see the main feature arrived a litlte early.

I have the suspicion the next few movies are going to be worse. I don't think they expected anyone to make it to #100.