Thanks, but uh, I think my meter's run out:


No! Please! Murder me! Here's a quarter. Go plug the meter then come back and murder me. Aw c'mon, be a pal.

The film befins with a cliche: a Doomed Man speaking into a dictaphone to describe the events leading up to him being Doomed. Who's Doomed: Raymond Burr:



He got mixed up with a beautiful woman who just happened to be married to his oldest bestest pal. Recognize?



Eventually the cuckolded husband finds out, and then, baby, it's murder she wrote. Or did she? Charged with the killing, she's put on trial and grilled by John Dehner. He was a regular on Gunsmoke, one of the five voices that rotated on the show every week; he also played Paladin on radio and TV. His voice was distinctive - cultured, amused, intelligent. Bios say he got his start as a Disney animator, too. Two-hundred and sixty movies and TV shows. What a life!



Anyway, there's a trial.



The narrator we met at the beginning of the movie, the one in love with the accused, is - HEY WAIT A MINUTE


The year of the movie: 1956. One year later, he became Perry Mason. Ah, but did he win the case? If you wish, you can watch the movie here, free 'n' legal.