Title for Movie!


Loretta Young meets nice guy, and so swept off her feet she doesn't notice the sea is rear-projected . . .


But he turns into a psycholigically disturbed invalid suffering from Necessary Complications of the Plot. Doesn't look too sick:



Hatter-mad, though. While he hatches his schemes, innocent trusting wife goes about her daily life, which includes a few chats with the neighborhood cowboy-enthusiast, Hoppy:



The entire plot revolves around a letter, and whether or not the postman will come twice. Here's the letter carrier. You don't recognize him.


He appeared in over 500 movies. Five hundred! Uncredited in most of them, too.

The word "forgettable" come to mind, which is odd; of all the words, that should be the one you can't quite remember. But it's not much of a movie if you're not a Loretta Young fan. A house-bound story that may have appealed to audiences who were housewives themselves. "Lifetime movie" before there was Lifetime, in other words.