A sequel to Stroker Ace?


Alas. No. "Sucker Money" is not a Bond Villainess, either. It's "an expose of the psychic racket," which apparently was a 30s scam that relieved the grieving and gullible of their excess cash. Your all-star cast:


Mona Lisa? She did seven movies in the 20s, the last in 1922, then did this one in 1933, then vanished. Leaving only the enigmatic smile on her agent's face. Anyway, the movie concerns an Enterprising Young Reporter who's intrigued by an ad:



Hmmmm! He goes undercover, and meets the Swami. You can tell he's a Swami because he has studied the ancient mystical ways of Not Blinking:



Even when he's killed at the end, he doesn't blink. Power from Beyond the Grave!



It would be an utter waste of bandwidth to post the scenes where the Swami fools people into thinking he has the power to summon up psychic images; it consists of people staring with amazement at movies rear-projected on a screen in the wall. Utterly unwatchable.

Or, as the comments on imdb.com would say, "fun for a rainy afternoon with some great characters!"