I think this might be a prison movie:


I think the condemned might appreciate an actual mile instead of a metaphorical one. It's probably about 20 yards. The movie is a stagey melodrama that begins with a heapin' helpin' of finger-wagging:



If you think that's a bunch of sob-sister hoo-hah, it goes on to explicitly condemn condemning the condemned:



Yes, a warden whose name is LAWES - and he was no pencil pusher at a white-collar facility, either: the man ran Sing Sing. He was also a lifelong advocate for prison reform whose novels were made into famous movies with famous actors - including a Cagney vehicle called "White Stripes," discussed over at Black and White World.

Since it's a play, most of the action takes place in the Death House, but the director does add some scenes to show how the Unjustly Accused Man came to this sad fate. It has to do with a robbery at a service station:


I post this only to show you what gas stations used to be like, in case you had no idea. You pumped the gas into the glass cylinder, to see how much you bought, The stations were small - you pulled in under the roof, not the other side. There wasn't another side.

It all ends poorly for everyone except the fellow with the clean-shaven face and the distraught mother. But not before there's a dramatic prison break. Who knew Sing Sing had lights on the floor to illuminate the convicts? Those things must have been hot. No wonder they revolted.