Meet a nervous young wife:


She's all twitchy, even though she lives in luxury in London. Her new husband is certainly a charming, doting man . . . but behind the smile lurks a cruel streak only the audience can see.



He's worried about his wife, you see. She moves things. She takes things. She does strange things and forgets them and becomes quite distraught when he asks her about her peculiar behavior. Such as the picture. Paula, you've moved the picture again. Why?



She can't say why - but eventually she's well enough to go to the theater, wearing her favorite broach . . . except that she loses it. Paula! And I trusted you!



She completely loses it, and is but one step away from total madness, until someone brings her news about her husband that throws everything in a new light.

Gaslight, you might say.



Hey, Hollywood! Looking for a remake opportunity? I'm thinking Isabella Rosselini for the wife, but she might be too old. t we.