Five words that guarantee the highest possible standards:

Something tells me this isn't bone-hard noir here:



Line drawings of angels running a switchboard in heaven indicate this might be some sort of Dead-Guy-Tries-To-Help-Out-A-Pal-on-Earth story:



But no. It's a mystery-comedy starring Pat O'Brien, a fella who can't stop pinching the faces of pretty dames:



This is Pat; he's pretty good ; projects a nice careless confidence. He meets a girl, an irrepressible perky nightclub singer:



Does she meet his cheek-thickness standards?



She does! It's a nice little movie with a fine cast, including Broderick Crawford and Eve Arden:



Sharp dialogue, too, and the comedy isn't excruciating. Yet the whole thing just sits there. I suppose there's a reason these things went out of copyright.