The highly-anticipated sequel to "Just Wing Him, Boys":

We're talking some B-Grade Crap here. Of course imdb reviews find something to like, and I suppose it does create a new genre: Cheap AND Imcomprehensible. It starts with a poorly-lit car chase, and the woman who survives is horribly mangled:



Everything that follows is done in flashbacks. Sometimes flashbacks inside of flashbacks. You're surprised it doesn't flash back until everyone's walking around in silk hose and powdered wigs. I love the sequence where the Dame falls in love with the Fella - first he takes her to a swank restaurant:



Then he takes for a whirl in the Montage District:



Wrigley's Gum? The guy's going all out.

Eventually, as often happens, a janitor is crushed:



It is obvious that such a mock paper, in order to be successful in the way of satisfying speed-readers, should perhaps not revert to dummy copy in such an obvious way:



I'll give it this: now and then it manages some nice noir shots -



But even that shot spells "Cheap" somehow, doesn't it? No, there's nothing going for it. Nothing at all - except this.



The sound is slightly off sync, and it's not the greatest audio, but this man could play the piano. That's Gene Rodgers, and that's one of his compositions. It's a strange world where people think Jerry Lee Lewis was a piano player, and men like Rogers are mostly unknown.