Can't say it doesn't have promise:

When it played in the theaters, it was a Screen Capture! Hyuk. The movie starts in Mexico, where Lew Ayres - yes, dynamic Lew, who makes Jimmy Stewart look like a ‘roided-up pro-wrestler - is hunting down a payroll robber. His job is complicated by the print, which appears to have been triple-washed in Vaseline, making it difficult to see. Wounded after shooting the robber, he ends up delirious at a church, where Father Expositiono tends his wounds while Lew tells his story in flashbacks. It’s a Western, really - cactus, sagebrush, horses, saddles. We’re a long way from noir territory here.


Soon he doubts if he shot the right guy, quits his job, leaves town, goes off to find the man’s widow, decides she’s a proper bit of crumpet, and marries her.


Just boils over with hot-house sexual tension, doesn’t it?

Since there’s still 40 minutes of movie left, it stands to reason he’ll find out who really robbed the payroll, only to find himself accused of murdering that guy. Say, you know those movies in which people go to a movie, enter halfway through, then leave saying “This is where we came in” - and you wonder how anyone could watch a movie that way? This is exactly the kind of movie where you can enter and leave at any point, and it doesn’t make a damned bit of difference.