Well . . .


Long. Basic story: fragile-but-insane young woman comes to stay at a house, sets her sights on one fella, drives everyone out of the house, ends up hatter-mad. The matron of the house is played by this actress:

Ruth Warrick. You may remember her from "Citizen Kane," the gorgeous and well-connected wife Kane threw over for a cheap braying doxy who called him Chawlie. Class and poise all the way, at least for me; those who watched her in "All My Children," where she played - really - Phoebe English Tyler Wallingford Matthews Wallingford - may recall her differently.

The servants of the house:


It's two hours long. Takes her a while to get everyone gone, but don't worry: the domestic order of society is eventually upheld, and she goes utterly off her nut. It was a stage play, and feels like it.

What this is doing in 100 Mysteries, I haven't the faintest idea.